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Clay Texture Roller - Deco {1}
Clay Texture Roller - Deco {2}
Clay Texture Roller - Deco {1}
Clay Texture Roller - Deco {2}

Clay Texture Roller - Deco

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Clay Texture Roller - Deco

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The Deco texture roller is for embossing or imprinting texture into clay.

Make beautiful clay jewelry, key chains, broaches, pendants, or whatever
captures your imagination with rich, beautiful textures!

The Deco clay texture roller is about 2.5 inches long not including the
handle. The handle is affixed by way of two steel screws and spins freely and
smoothly as it rolls across your clay slab. Lighter pressure produces a more
subtle texture, while harder pressure will leave a deeper imprint.

This is a seamless texture that wraps around the entire impression roller so
as long as you keep rolling you'll get an uninterrupted pattern embossed into
your clay.

***New Production Method! Higher quality, smoother finish!***
This roller is 3d printed from high quality, high accuracy resin, while the
handle is produced with a different printing technology using PLA plastic.
Leveraging the benefits and advantages of both technologies produces an
extremely functional and beautiful tool that is as interesting to look at as it
is easy to use. The roller that you receive may differ in color slightly from
those in the pictures due to variations in pigment concentration but will
produce the very same, beautiful results.

**** Important! The roller handles in the images are blue because that's what
I happened to have the most of when I was developing these - color of the
handle is subject to availability and should be considered RANDOM! If the color
of the handle is relevant to you PLEASE SAY SO and I'll do my best to

If you have a specific texture that you would like applied to a roller, please
reach out! Not all textures are suited to a seamless roller but you never know
unless you ask!
Brand: ZedAxisLLC
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