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Beech leather strop {1}
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Beech leather strop {1}
Beech leather strop {2}
Beech leather strop {3}

Beech leather strop

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Beech leather strop

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Leather stroping is one of the key last steps in sharpening.
It not only removes the formed burr on the cutting edge but also slightly
polishes the edge, so the sharpness that you can feel is much greater and the
cuts are smoother.

With: 60mm
Height: 200mm
Thickness: 20mm
Leather Thickness: 3.5mm

The strop has special harder leather meant for stroping and belts. The leather
is inlayed 0.5mm in to the strop for extra stability and finer looking edge and
the strop has 4 silicone feed for extra stability using on a counter top or any
other surface (they are glued on so hard it will be hard to remove) and you can
use it while holding in the hand.

Together with the strop comes some white polishin compound, which should be
applied to the leather, use it sparingly, when applying think about frost and
not a snowdrift, less is so much more. The compound polishes the edge, and most
steels do not benefit from that, they even perform worse, the main goal of
stroping is to remove the formed burr.

How to use:
Put the strop on a flat surface, put on a very small amount of the paste on
the strop (it's ok to applie it unevenly). Take your knife holding on the
spine, and the edge faceing from you. Put the knife edge on the strop, try
repeating the edge angle, or even better an angle that is a little steeper then
the one on the edge (helps with burr removal) and with very gentle strokes,
pull the knife towards yourself, repeat justa few times on each side. Then test
the knife on a piece of paper, check if there is any burr remaining, repeat if
Brand: BalticBlades
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